Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm cured.

I don't know how it works, and frankly, I don't care. It's not a placebo, it's not positive thinking, it's not psychology. It's just chemistry and Eastern medicine. It's been only six months and I almost got rid of my spot completely. I have also given up the make-up. I have no words to express how thankful I am to the dentist assistant who shared with me the truth I had been seeking for 12 years. And I send all the gratitude in my heart to a nameless Chinese man who gave me my skin back. I hope you can benefit from this natural remedy too. Good luck and spread the news. Melinda Robinson Miami, FL/Sao Paulo, Brazil

It's a miracle.

I decided to take a close look at my "spot" in the mirror, in bright daylight. I grabbed a little mirror and stood in front of my bedroom window. WHAT I SAW WAS A MIRACLE. After five years of NO change, I noticed that, in one month, the spot got SMALLER, the overall skintone of the spot got CLOSER to my actual skintone, and, more impressively, there are areas INSIDE the SPOT in which my actual skin color has returned COMPLETELY. Vitiligo studies will tell you how difficult it is to achieve this, since vitiligo treatment is by cellular contact. ( In other words, a healthy cell has to communicate with a neighbor discolored cell and 'tell it' to begin producing melanin. But the ginger roots have some type of property that 'teaches' the cells to begin producing melanin SPONTANEOUSLY, from inside out. It's truly a miracle.

Persistance is key.

I left my orthodontist office feeling very strange. It was like re-opening an old scar. With regards to the ginger root treatment, I felt very skeptical. I was also very MAD at my orthodontist's assistant. I couldn't believe she had refused to sell me her old prescription tube. At home, I googled the ginger root treatment and there were very few, or no references on the subject. The few references I found were about lotions CONTAINING ginger juice. But nothing about fresh ginger. I figured I would try, since it's so cheap, and since the assistant was so positive that it works.
Now, notice I was very skeptical about the whole ginger thing. Still, I quit everything else and used the ginger alone. I did NOT aid the treatment with positive thinking. If anything, I thought to myself, "This thing doesn't work... This thing doesn't work." I did NOT get rid of stress in my life, although I should have. As a matter of fact, I was working too much. I did NOT change my diet. All I did was to, systematically, apply the slices of fresh ginger root on my chin for about five seconds every morning before I walked out the door. I did not think. I just DID it. I did not look at myself in the mirror. I just repeated the quick ritual day after day, after day.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The use of fresh ginger root to treat and reverse skin hypopigmentation and mild forms of vitiligo

I was sitting at my orthodontist's chair when my orthodontist's assistant, who was doing some work in my mouth, said: "You have discoloration on your chin, I see." "Here it comes again," I thought. "One more comment about my hypo. As if I needed a reminder," I thought. "Yep," I replied. "I've had it for 12 years." "Wow, that's a long time," she said. "My mother and I have it too, but we got it under control," she said. I immediately 'jumped' out of the chair and took a look at her face. Not one sign of discoloration. "HOW DID YOU GET RID OF IT?" I asked. "Well," she said, "I was on treatment for years and years without success. The latest technology on the market is a cleaning solution that I was supposed to use to clean the area first. That solution cost me about $300. After I prepared the affected area with the solution, I was supposed to put on a cream which cost me about $1,000 a tube. I'm not using that anymore." "LET ME BUY IT FROM YOU!" I exclaimed. I had gone to the dermatologist a couple of times recently, and the outcome couldn't have been more disappointing. My latest prescription had been the least effective of all, so I was very happy to hear about something new. "Let me have it," I said. "WAIT," she exclaimed. "You didn't let me finish. I could sell you the tube for half of what I paid, but that would be unfair to you. The truth is: it doesn't work," she continued. "I have had vitiligo all my life. It's genetic. I got it from my mother. I have tried EVERYTHING on the market, and so did my mother. I was tired of spending all my money in expensive, useless prescriptions. I decided to try something different. I was referred by a friend to an old Chinese man who practices alternative medicine from his home. He told me to start using the juice of fresh ginger roots on my vitiligo." That's when I interrupted her. I didn't want her to change the subject. I told her I could give her cash for her used prescription tube. She yelled: "YOU'RE NOT LISTENING!" I just told you what to do. I just told you the prescription doesn't work. I am telling you what works. I am sharing precious information with you. Listen to my words. Go to the supermarket, to the refrigerated produce section. Buy fresh ginger roots. Go home and wash the roots to rinse off soil and chemicals. Cut off a slice of the root and pass it over the discolored areas. Do not rub! When that slice dries out, cut another slice and do the same thing again. Do that everyday. Don't forget. You can also do it a couple of times a day. You DO NOT need to go out in the sun (I used to hate that part of the treatment.) You DO NOT need the ultraviolet sessions (I could never afford this.) You can QUIT everything else you're using," she said. "Quit the pills. For about a dollar a week's worth of ginger roots you can get rid of your hypopigmentation. I got the color back on my entire face, and my mother got her vitiligo under control on her entire body. I am so grateful to the old man for telling me this. Try it. Try it, and then tell me."

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I can't believe I found the solution

I was 14 years old when my skin problems began. My face started getting covered with rashes from allergies. A dermatologist prescribed me a cortisone cream (a substance known to cause skin hypopigmentation in persons with a pre-disposition for the condition) to clear the rashes. Unaware of the risk, I followed the dermatologist's instructions and applied the cream daily.
In about a week, the cortisone cream had bleached my skin. I had developed three large white patches on my face: one on each eyelid and one large one, from one side of my chin to the other, and going up my right cheek. Then it hit me: I had been a victim of medical malpractice. The dermatologist had inadvertently prescribed me a cream with a serious side-effect on people with pre-disposition to skin hypopigmentation.
Seeing myself in the mirror was unbearable. The contrast of the all-white patches was obvious and VERY noticeable. I cried for months and refused to go to school or even see my friends. I couldn't look at people in the eyes and much less get a boyfriend. No make-up could hide it, and I was too young and too naive to know how to apply it. I lost many precious moments of my teenage years to the condition.
My journey for recovery was long and tortuous. Prescriptions have made me noxious and have gave me stomachaches and headaches. Topical creams have caused me second degree burns several times.
For the past three years I had pretty much given up. I achieved a lot of improvement, but at a price too high to pay. The side-effects were too many and too serious , for little or no improvement.
I met, however, someone who loves me the way I am, and who encouraged me to continue to pursue perfection.
I am now 26 years old, and for the first time, I believe to have found the solution, and I would like to share it with the world in this blog.