Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's a miracle.

I decided to take a close look at my "spot" in the mirror, in bright daylight. I grabbed a little mirror and stood in front of my bedroom window. WHAT I SAW WAS A MIRACLE. After five years of NO change, I noticed that, in one month, the spot got SMALLER, the overall skintone of the spot got CLOSER to my actual skintone, and, more impressively, there are areas INSIDE the SPOT in which my actual skin color has returned COMPLETELY. Vitiligo studies will tell you how difficult it is to achieve this, since vitiligo treatment is by cellular contact. ( In other words, a healthy cell has to communicate with a neighbor discolored cell and 'tell it' to begin producing melanin. But the ginger roots have some type of property that 'teaches' the cells to begin producing melanin SPONTANEOUSLY, from inside out. It's truly a miracle.


doug said...

I have tried the ginger root now for a month or so. It seems to be making the hypopigmentation brighter
and has not reduced the areas that are still white. Has any one really had success with this?

Would appreciate any help here.



JL NOOL said...

Any news guys?anyone tried it?does it work?

Slim06 said...

I was just gonna try the ginger, but after reading that it cause someone spots to get brighter. I think I wont try it

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Cindy Dy said...

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